Theoretical and Methodological Basis of Economic Dynamics as a Reflection of the Interaction of Economic, Social and Ecological Systems

Melnik M.1, Loktionova J.1, Yanina O.1
1 Russian State Social University (RUSSIA)


An important scientific problem is the assessment of the interaction of economic, social and ecological components in the former social ecological and economic systems, the identification of patterns of their cross impact and the definition on this basis of options for projection of socioeconomic development with the preservation of the natural environment. The article analyses the improvement of modelling processes on the formation of optimal socioecological and economic systems in order to reduce the negative impact of substantive production on the human habitat. It also marks the influence of changes in some variables on the change in the others in the process of complex systems formation.

Keywords: economic dynamics, model, economy, environment, system, substantive production, variables, world system, global crisis.

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