The Role of Environmental Tourism in the System of Environmental and Economic Innovation Development of the Russian Federation

Khetagurova V. Sh.1, Kryukova E. M.1, Mukhomorova I.V.1
1Russian State Social University (RUSSIA)


The problem of developing eco-tourism is multidimensional and requires detailed study. Given the rich natural resources, Russia is promising for the development of domestic and inbound tourism, including environmental tourism. The successful development of which depends largely on the effectiveness of its promotion on the market as a tourist product, that is, on targeted tourist marketing. The article analyzes the approaches in terminology, analyzes the current state of ecological tourism in Russia, reveals the relationship and prospects for its development, identifies constraints for its development, and assesses opportunities for the development of ecotourism in Russia. Ecotourism as an element of the market can serve the environmental, socio-cultural and economic interests of a person, society and the state.

Keywords: tourism industry, ecological tourism, innovative development, environment.

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