The Problem of Managing Municipal Solid Waste in The Context of a Sharing Economy

Karanashev A.1, Sinyuk T.2, Panfilova E.2
1 Doctor of Economic Sciences, Full Professor Kabardino-Balkarian State University, Department of Economics and Management in Tourism, Socio-humanitarian Institute (RUSSIA)
2 Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Rostov State University of Economics (RUSSIA)


The article deals with the problems of making and making decisions in the field of municipal solid waste management at the municipal level. The combination of systemic problems of management and financing are of importance as a result of the implementation of the reform of MSW in the Russian Federation. The study reflects the set of operational problems of the municipal organization, economic and mathematical substantiated resource constraints that impede the implementation of operational activities and the algorithm for developing and making management decisions at the level of the municipality.

Keywords: Waste management system, continual improvement, Solid Waste Management, Sustainable waste management

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