Shades of Green: Differences in Green Growth Priorities

Shpilina T.M.1, Solodukha P.V.1, Pochinok N.B.1
1 Russian State Social University (RUSSIA)


Today the main goal of the macroeconomic policy is to ensure sustainable development. The main direction of its achievement is an orientation to the “green” vector of development. All participants in the world economy, depending on their level of socio-economic development, differently determine the goals and objectives of the transition to green growth. This fact led to the identification of three strategies to form a model of sustainable development: progressive, egocentric and deterrent. For each of them, priority directions of development are identified. Some of these directions are opportunistic in nature, others direction is caused by forced adaptation to existing global realities and internal problems, and the third direction are determined by the need to overcome internal macroeconomic contradictions, which are barriers to the transition to a green economy. It has been proven that the lack of common priorities and goals for achieving “green” growth leads to the “blocking effect” of all effective international initiatives in this area. All these trends can lead to unpredictable negative consequences.

Keywords: green economy, sustainable development, green growth strategies.

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