Ecological Insurance as a Financial Instrument for Environmental Protection

Khetagurova V. S.1, Kryukova Е. M.1, Еgorova Е. N.1
1 Russian State Social University (RUSSIA)


The article deals with the formation of an environmental insurance system in the Russian Federation. The main aspects of its development as a financial instrument for environmental protection based on international experience are analyzed. The problems and ways to solve them are identified, concrete actions to improve the legislative framework in the field of environmental insurance are proposed. The system of environmental insurance is analyzed in terms of the economic assessment of damage to the environment caused by industrial and economic objects. Ecological insurance is considered as one of the ways to manage environmental risks. Recommendations are presented on the formation of special insurance reserve financial funds, the funds of which should be used to compensate for damage under insurance contracts. The obtained results serve the main purpose of the study – to identify problem areas in the system of environmental insurance and to develop concrete actions aimed at improving legislation in this area and modernizing the procedure.

Keywords: insurance funds, environmental risk, environmental insurance, damage, environmental management.

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