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Green Economy: Main Trends and Experience of State Support

Vasiutina E. S.1, Korolkova N. A.1, Belyak A. B.1 1 Russian State Social University (RSSU) (RUSSIA) Abstract The article presents the main directions of development of “green” technologies in the energy industry. The analysis of the main trends in the development of renewable energy sources in various countries is carried out and the role of […]

Modern Methods to Sustainable Development Assessment

Sopilko N. Yu.1, Myasnikova O. Yu.2, Shamseev S. V.1, Kubasova E. I.1 1 Russian State Social University (RUSSIA) 2 Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUSSIA) Abstract The paper offers a review of evolution approaches to the sustainable development assessment in different world countries and in Russian practice. The research is based on the analysis of […]

Theoretical and Methodological Basis of Economic Dynamics as a Reflection of the Interaction of Economic, Social and Ecological Systems

Melnik M.1, Loktionova J.1, Yanina O.1 1 Russian State Social University (RUSSIA) Abstract An important scientific problem is the assessment of the interaction of economic, social and ecological components in the former social ecological and economic systems, the identification of patterns of their cross impact and the definition on this basis of options for projection […]

Interrelation of Social, Economic, Environmental Problems in Context of Sustainable Economic Development

Andryushchenko G.1, Savina M.1, Gridneva T.1 1 Russian State Social University (RUSSIA) Abstract The article deals with the main factors of sustainable development of the economy and its individual subjects, the relationship between the social, economic, environmental categories of sustainable development, as well as contradictions and opposition arising in the process of transition to a […]

System Challenges to Sustainable Humanity Development

Orekhov D. V.1, Prichina S. O.2, Shchennikova S. E.3 1 International Institute of Management LINK, (RUSSIA), 2 Russian State Social University, (RUSSIA), 3 Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, (RUSSIA) Abstract The purpose of the research is to analyze the challenges to sustainable world development, associated with the evolution of humanity as […]

Shades of Green: Differences in Green Growth Priorities

Shpilina T.M.1, Solodukha P.V.1, Pochinok N.B.1 1 Russian State Social University (RUSSIA) Abstract Today the main goal of the macroeconomic policy is to ensure sustainable development. The main direction of its achievement is an orientation to the “green” vector of development. All participants in the world economy, depending on their level of socio-economic development, differently […]

Investing “Green” Economy in Russia

Evdokimova J.1, Belotelova N.1, Bondarenko A.1 1 Associate Professor of Finance and credit Department, Russian State Social University, (RUSSIA) Abstract The authors consider the existing financial opportunities and tools used to Finance the “green” economy. The analysis of the main world results achieved in the field of “green” investment is made. The structural analysis of […]

The Role of Environmental Tourism in the System of Environmental and Economic Innovation Development of the Russian Federation

Khetagurova V. Sh.1, Kryukova E. M.1, Mukhomorova I.V.1 1Russian State Social University (RUSSIA) Abstract The problem of developing eco-tourism is multidimensional and requires detailed study. Given the rich natural resources, Russia is promising for the development of domestic and inbound tourism, including environmental tourism. The successful development of which depends largely on the effectiveness of […]

Competitive Advantages and Sustainable Development of Russian Agrarian Sector

1 Vukovic, B. D.1,2 & Zinurova, R. Y.3 1Finance and credit department, Faculty of Economics, People’s Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University) (RUSSIA) 2 Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijić”, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SERBIA) 3Department for Finance, St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Sankt Petersburg, (RUSSIA) […]

Urban Forestry as Part of Green Cities: The Evidence from Research and Academy Areas

Vukovic N.1, Mingaleva Z.2, Shmyrev V.1 1 Russian State Social University (RUSSIA) 2 Perm National Research Polytechnic University (RUSSIA) Abstract Currently there are more than 7 billion people living on Earth. In 2016, there were 512 cities with at least 1 million inhabitants globally. That means that the pressure on natural resources is increasing every […]